What is NCWaterWARN?

NC WaterWARN is a Water/Wastewater Agency Response (WARN) network, a group of utilities committed to helping each other conduct response and recovery operations. A WARN provides a system of aid that may be utilized by water/wastewater utilities requiring emergency assistance from member utilities. NC WaterWARN provides:

  • A voluntary mutual aid and assistance network to combat water-related incidents throughout the State of North Carolina
  • An organized system for requesting assistance in the form of personnel, emergency equipment, materials and other required resources

Who may join NCWAterWARN

Any drinking water or wastewater organization, public or private, may join NCWaterWARN. There is no size requirement for a utility to participate in the agreement. While being a completely voluntary association, NCWaterWARN can be utilized in times of crisis, even without a disaster declaration. During a declared disaster, NCWaterWARN integrates with the state’s Emergency Operations Center.

Why Join NCWaterWARN?

During an emergency, it’s important to respond and begin recovering quickly and effectively. NCWaterWARN provides a framework to help water utilities assist each other, from North Carolina’s largest cities to its smallest towns. Water and wastewater services are vital to residents, as these services are necessities for living in their homes.


Uniting communities across North Carolina to ensure mutual aid in times of need.