Mutual Aid Agreement
New Partnership with North Carolina Rural Water Association
October 8, 2018

Members of NCWaterWARN,

It is with my deep gratitude to those who have worked on our Strategic Plan that I am pleased to share with you an exciting proposal. NCWaterWARN has been working with our members and partners to forge a sustainable and long-term path for our organization. To this end, the NCWaterWARN Executive Committee and the North Carolina Rural Water Association (NCRWA) Board of Directors agreed to a new relationship which will augment both our quality of service for our members and our contribution to the State Emergency Response Team (SERT). We are also taking in new members. In the review of the 2006 NCWaterWARN Mutual Aid & Assistance Agreement we uncovered minor changes that are needed to bring the agreement up to date with current case law. This has led us to approve a slightly different NCWaterWARN mutual aid agreement for new members. Attached for your review and approval is an updated Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement which reflects our new partnership with NCRWA. The attachments also include an executive summary detailing how we got to this point and the voting methodology we will use during this process. The final attachment is a copy of the approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which memorializes our new partnership with NCRWA.

Physical copies of the aforementioned documents have been mailed to the address you provided NCWaterWARN. You can anticipate this packet’s arrival the week of October 8, 2018. This email serves as a contingency correspondence if for some reason you have difficulty receiving your mailed packet.

I look forward to your thoughtful consideration and welcome your feedback.


Kenneth Waldroup, PE
NCWaterWARN, Chairman

Partnership Packet for Member Vote